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What is GFRC/GRC?

GFRC is similar to chopped fiberglass(the kind used to form bout hulls and other complex three-dimensional shapes), although much weaker. It is made by combineing a mixture of fine sand, cement, polymer(usually an acrylic polymer), water, other admixtures and alkali-resistant(AR)glass fibers. 

Some of the many benefits of GFRC include:

Ability to Construct lightweight Panels-Although the relative density is similar to concrete, GFRC panels can be much thinner than traditional concrete panels, making them lighter.

High compressive, flexural and tensile strength-The high dose of glass fibers leads to tensile strength while the high polymer content makes the concrete flexible and resistant to cracking.

GRC is easily moulded to reproduce shapes, details and textures

GRC is high strength allows design of thin, lightweight cladding elements

GRC can be coloured with pigments, paints and natural stone facings

GRC cladding can replace non-structural precast concrete where weight and/or shape may be problematic