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What is GRC

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is one of the most versatile building materials available to architects and engineers. Developed in the twentieth century, GRC has been making a significant contribution to the economics, technology, and aesthetics of modern construction worldwide for over 30 years. GRC products can be formed into sections as thin as 6mm (1/4 inch) so their weight is much less than traditional precast concrete products. The design and manufacture of GRC products is covered by international standards, which have been developed in Europe, America, Asia and Australasia.GRC is manufactured in over 100 countries.

●  GRC - Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is a composite material made of premium white cement, fine quartz silica sand, Alkaline Resistant (AR) Glass Fibre,       Bonding Agents, Chemical Admixture, Water.
●  GRC - Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is an ideal substitute for stone carving due to its lightweight and resistance to weather.
●  GRC-Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete elements are tailor made for each project and can be suitably moulded into wide variety of very complex, shape, size or form of profiles.
●  GRC-Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is ideally suited as Light weight prefabricated cladding material for interior/ exterior of modern buildings in the world.
●  GRC-Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete has good bending and tensile strength so its suitable for seismic regions.