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GRC(Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), also known as GFRC, is the high strength cement and silica sand as base material, alkali resisitant Glass Fiber as reinforcing material of composite materials, at the same time also includes all kinds of used to enhance the performance of additive, and pigment, etc. 

GRP(Glass Fiber Reinfoced Plastic) also called GFRP or FRP, commonly known as Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, it is a kind of organic non-metallic resin with the promise nonmetallic material Glass Fiber composite materials, has a good electrical insulating performance and bonding properties, high heat resistance and mechanical strength, plasticity is extremely strong, volume is relatively small.
Fiber Clay

Fibreclay is produced via an innovative and patented process that  combines MgO & MgCl and reinforced by fiberglass mat. Fibreclay is particularly suitable for use in planters as it is extremely durable, frost & UV resistant and almost impervious to the effects of weathering.Whilst fibreclay planters are closer in weight than their fiberglass equivalents to lead planters, they are still lightweight enough to make them easily portable.

GRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum), also called GFRG, is a kind of super tall strong Gypsum powder (improved a plaster) for the body, add special continuous rigid Reinforced Glass Fiber and environmental protection additive, made of new-style adornment element. Its material surface is bright and clean, exquisite, can produce line, column, anaglyph, arch and modelling.